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Child typing on keyboard

Welcome to our humble little home on the internet, here you will find products and features aimed mainly at families.

In todays world safety is a key issue when you let your children surf the net and play multiplayer games, parents cannot be in 2 places at once and sometimes it pays to have an extra pair of eyes just in case they stray a little.

This is where Software such as Family keylogger Pro comes handy, an award winning keylogger will monitor everything your child does while they are online.

Family Keylogger Pro, like all the Key Loggers we review will capture every keystroke, website visited and program run giving you that peace of mind and your kids the freedom they need.

For more information click on the software page for a full description and downloadable demo of each.

When you buy a key logger program reviewed by us you can be assured there is no spyware or adware. When you buy a keylogger to protect your family, you will start out as the enemy and but finish as a friend.

Our Projects

We also run a couple of Free Web Proxy sites, useful for bypassing content filters. These are often used in Schools and Work places to play games, one of the most popular being Happy Wheels online.